How key helps to gain performance in UI framework

var tasks = [
title: "Plan a holiday",
description: "Check with travel companies for himachal pradesh cost and iternaries.",
title: "Learn mahal framework",
description: "Learn new mahal framework and add it in my resume",
title: "Buy vegetables",
description: "Buy vegetables in evening",
title: "yoga time",
description: "Do 15 min of yoga after logging out for day.",
<Todo :for(task in tasks) @remove="removeTask" class="mt-20px" :task="task" />
  1. Removes the elements from specified index
  2. Reorder the array to update the index of each item.
  1. Remove the elements from dom
  2. Replaced affected existing node with new node. i.e. replace “yoga time” and “buy shoe” with new element.

Key as rescue

<Todo :for(task,index in tasks) :key="task.title" @remove="removeTask" class="mt-20px" :task="task" />
if(oldEl.key != newEl.key){    // replace old element with new Element
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Creator of jsstore, sqlweb, fortjs

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Ujjwal Gupta

Ujjwal Gupta

Creator of jsstore, sqlweb, fortjs

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